Hear me share my business web design tips on my first podcast


It was a pleasure talking with Elaine Atherton, a Sales & Accountability Coach, on my first podcast. You can hear me share tips and ideas about setting up my web design business …and hear my Bristolian accent!

Elaine Atherton is a Sales & Accountability Coach and when we met, through an online networking group, we instantly connected.

Obviously, when Elaine asked me to take part in a podcast, my immediate reaction was “No! It’s too scary!”, but my business mindset soon kicked in and told me to stop putting up barriers and say yes. So I did.

I loved the experience and thought I’d share it here on my website. During the podcast, I pay it forward to a networking group, The Cobra Club, that I am connected with and has been a great support for me and my business. I thank the founders, Andrew Hatcher and Edward Williamson.

For more information about Elaine Atherton, see her contact details here:
Website: www.2summitup.com
LinkedIn: h

For more information about The Cobra Club, visit the website here