Terms and Conditions

A Terms and Conditions For The Supply Of Goods And Services contract will be sent to all clients to sign, before any commencement of Goods and Services can take place.

Terms and conditions/Privacy Notice may be updated from time to time. Please check back regularly for any updates. Last updated: January 2022.


  • ‘Louise Maggs Design’ ‘Graphic Design by Louise’ or ‘Louise’ or ‘I’ ‘we’ or ‘us’ means Louise Maggs owner of Louise Maggs Design or Louise Maggs Design

  • ‘client’ or ‘customer’ or ‘user’ or ‘you’ means person commissioning the services from Louise Maggs Design, or accessing Louise Maggs Design’s services (for example, this website)

  • ‘Design element’ means logo or stationery or website or anything that Louise Maggs Design will be designing

  • ‘Content’ means anything that Louise Maggs Design is using to make your artwork or complete your project, eg. the copy for your logo, an image for your website, any text supplied



  • Artwork produced: Louise will create original designs (in addition, please see Third-party Requirements below regarding Squarespace Website Design), and once the artwork is completed/signed off by the client, the client will own the artwork.

  • Logo design: Louise will tailor the logo design to the needs of the client. Louise will discuss this with the client before starting any logo design work. A selection of logo options will be created as a first draft. There may also be a need for a brand mark, which will be an element of the primary logo. If the logo doesn’t meet the clients’ expectations and requires a complete redesign, this may count towards one design element amendment. Please make sure all necessary information and ideas are supplied in the first instance to reduce the chances of this happening. Once the final logo/brand mark is approved by the client the logo will be supplied in all relevant formats to ensure full usage across print and digital.

  • Amendments and extra charges: Up to 2 amendments per design element is allowed without incurring extra charges. For example: this means the client can ask for changes to the designed logo up to 2 times, and they can ask for changes to the designed stationery up to 2 times.

  • Extra charges for changes past 2 versions are £50 per additional round of amends. If this happens the payment will need to be received before the changes are made.

  • To ensure extra charges are not required, please take time to go over your artwork and submit all changes clearly and in one batch.

  • Significant design changes: If Louise deems the amendment(s) to be significant design changes or a new brief, these changes may require an extra charge, due to the amount of time that would need to be put into the project. Louise’s day rate is £350.

  • Print/Document/supporting material design: Costs are based on the requirements of the client. Please make sure the original text document submitted has the majority of the text at a point size no lower than 10 point. This would give me a more accurate idea of the number of pages that would need to be designed.

  • Copy and proofreading: The client must make sure the content submitted has been proofread and checked for accuracy. If any errors are noticed by Louise, she will have permission to amend, unless the client has specifically informed Louise not to do this, in writing at the time of the submission of content.

  • Approvals: Low resolution/watermarked proofs will be supplied to clients until final approval/sign off is completed by the client. After that, no further changes can be made without extra costs.

  • Final artwork: Most final print artwork will be supplied in PDF format. Other artwork will be supplied in the correct professional format needed for that media. If the client needs to make further changes to the artwork once high-quality artwork has been provided it will be classed as a new design job. Additional changes will be quoted as ad hoc design work.

  • Supplied elements: Any content or supplied elements to be used in the artwork is the clients own opinion and is not necessarily the opinion of Louise. The client is responsible for all supplied content. The client has the permission of the author and any copyright or trademark permissions for the use of any text or images they supply to Louise to use (for example, photographs, text) in the artwork she is designing for the client.

  • Inspirational information: Any inspirational information provided is for inspirational purposes only to give Louise an idea of the style the client is looking for.

  • Printing services: I do not offer printing services, however, I can advise and work with local printers to get your freshly designed artwork professionally printed.

  • Updates/changes to signed off work: These may be charged at an additional rate depending on the size of the updates/changes required. Please supply the information here and Louise will get back to you with a quote.



    • Website design: Louise Maggs Design can design websites using Squarespace, WordPress or Wix.

      The cost of this service will be based on the full requirements needed. Please submit an enquiry to discuss your requirements in more detail and Louise Maggs Design will get back to you with a quote.

    • WordPress: When Louise Maggs Design is commissioned to design your WordPress website, Louise may need to add plugins as necessary to help with the performance and security of your website. Louise is not a website security expert or a website developer, however, she is a website designer with the ability to understand the basic needs for the performance and security of your WordPress website. Louise will use HTML & CSS to assist the designing of your website and uses the premium Divi website builder theme/plugin, based on a lifetime license. This means your website theme/plugin would continue to run and update (updated themes/plugins may need to be manually updated by the owner) for the life of the website whether Louise stays as an administrator or not.

    • Continual website updating service: Please submit an enquiry to find out more about this service.

    • Credit: Louise may require a small credit in the footer of the website produced for the client, linking back to louisemaggsdesign.co.uk or graphicdesignbylouise.co.uk. This is to acknowledge Louise as the creator of the website.



    • Website audit for new clients

      • Louise Maggs Design may need to be assigned a login to your existing website to provide the full audit.

      • Louise Maggs Design will send an invoice for payment upfront, once received audit will be prioritized and timelines confirmed

      • Full payment will need to be paid upfront before Website audit for new clients can be scheduled and performed.

    • Website support and updating service for existing clients

      • All required updates will need to be recorded on the form sent to you. Once the form has been returned and accepted by Louise Maggs Design, no changes are allowed to be made to the requirements.

      • Louise Maggs Design will send an invoice for payment upfront, once received updates will be prioritized and timelines confirmed

      • Please note, any additional changes required after the form and payment have been submitted and accepted will require a new application for the Website support and updating service for existing clients.

      • Full payment will need to be paid upfront before Website support and updating service for existing clients can be scheduled and performed



      • There are three hosting package levels available

      • Each plan is payable on an upfront yearly basis or pay monthly by direct debit

      • The hosting levels may be upgraded to higher-level packages within the 12-months and the cost of the remaining months will roll over to a new 12-month (year) contract. Hosting can’t be downgraded, however, all hosting is renewed every 12 months, at which the hosting level packages can be reassessed by the customer.

      • Additional web design updates outside of the Hosting Package will be charged at Louise’s standard day or half-day rates. Any development requirements outside of the standard web design structure of the hosted website may incur extra fees.

      • Louise reserves the right to refuse changes that she deems are beyond the scope of the hosting packages.

      • For Hosting Services Terms and Conditions click here



        • Payment: Payment will need to be received in full before any work can take place. Please make sure you give your name or company name as the reference on your statement. Occasionally Louise may offer the option of 50% upfront payment, and 50% payment on completion of the project. Please discuss with Louise if you would prefer this payment option.

        • Credit Cards: Payments using credit cards may incur extra fees.
        • Refunds: Unfortunately refunds cannot be provided. The iterative approach to the design process is intended to ensure a successful outcome. In the unlikely event that a client is not happy with the final artwork that has been designed, Louise will work with the client to seek to achieve a positive outcome.

        • Third-party payments: All payments for websites/domain names/email addresses, etc are in addition to Louise’s services, and are not included in Louise’s costs, or processed by Louise. They are the clients’ responsibility.

        • Louise’s costs: Louise offers packaged options at fixed rates. Louise also offers a day rate, normally charged at £350 per day.

        • Source files: To transfer the ownership of any source files that Louise has used to create your final artwork will incur an additional charge. Please ask for details.

        • Intellectual Property for logos: Once the final logo has been approved and sent to the client, the client can choose to go through Intellectual Property registration, if this is required by the client. Louise will not be liable for any costs relating to this application process.



        • General: Louise is not responsible for services provided by third-parties, for example the website builder (Squarespace) or domain host. It is the client’s responsibility to set these up.

        • Setting up the website, domain and emails: This is the client’s responsibility to do. Louise is responsible for designing the website, as written above and in the package descriptions.

        • Domain names: You’ll need a UK registered domain name. You will then be able to transfer your domain name over to Squarespace once the website is set up. It is the client’s responsibility to manage. All payments for domain names are in addition to Louise’s services, and are not included in Louise’s costs, or processed by Louise (see above Payments and Refunds).

        • Squarespace/WordPress/Wix website design: If website design work is made using Squarespace, WordPress or Wix, it is up to the client to sign up and agree to their terms. Louise will need a temporary login from the client to be able to access the clients’ website. Please note, Louise will not own the website or the design of it. Louise will be using a customizable template available from Squarespace, WordPress or Wix (as discussed with the client) tailored to create a website that suits the clients’ needs. All payments for the website are in addition to Louise’s services, and are not included in Louise’s costs, or processed by Louise (see above Payments and Refunds).

        • Please ensure you read, understand and accept the terms and conditions of any third parties. Louise can not be held responsible for any third parties.

        • Data Protection and Privacy and Electronic Communication Regulations (PECR):
          The client is responsible for the overall compliance and security of their website and underlying services, even if Louise Maggs Design (formerly Graphic Design by Louise) designed the website for the client. The client shall be responsible for ensuring all processing activities undertaken through the website are handled in compliance with applicable data protection law for their specific circumstances and processing activities including, ensuring the correct configuration and activation of consent banners, introducing or updating privacy notices and other related activities. Louise Maggs Design shall not be held liable in the event of non-compliance with applicable data protection law or other related regulations.



        • Permission: The client gives Louise permission to use any work for her own advertising, including but not limited to use on social media and the Louise Maggs Design website. If you do not wish Louise to use the artwork in this way, please inform Louise in writing at time of payment.

        • Offensive content: Louise reserves the right to refuse the designing of any content she deems offensive or inappropriate.

        • General: Clients are solely responsible for the contents of the copy supplied, to be used, even, if, through editing, amendments have been made by Louise.

        • Louise will not be held liable for any inaccuracies or falsehoods.

        • Louise can advise the client about content and images, but the client has full responsibility for it.

        • The clients must carefully check and approve the content prior to printing/publishing via online or digital, as the content is the responsibility of the client.

        • Any payment of services to Louise confirms acceptance of terms and conditions and privacy notice

        • Governing law: The Contract, and any dispute or claim (including non-contractual disputes or claims) arising out of or in connection with it or its subject matter or formation shall be governed by, and construed in accordance with the law of England and Wales.

        •  Jurisdiction: Each party irrevocably agrees that the courts of England and Wales shall have exclusive jurisdiction to settle any dispute or claim (including non-contractual disputes or claims) arising out of or in connection with the Contract or its subject matter or formation.

        • Updates: Louise Maggs Design reserves the right to amend any of the Terms and Conditions, Privacy Notice, and the Louise Maggs Design website. Please check regularly for updates to these.

        • External Links: Louise Maggs Design is not responsible for any external links out of this website. Please check each website’s terms, policies and privacy notices.

        • Photography: Stock photography used on this website is from Unsplash.com and Pixabay.com

        • Privacy notice: Please read the privacy notice.

        • Copyright: © 2021 Louise Maggs Design