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During my years as a website designer, I have tried and tested a lot of design software and WordPress themes on the market. Several themes are super and many are just miserable, but one has become my firm favourite. So, let me introduce you to the Divi theme builder.

What is Divi?

Created by the clever people at Elegant Themes, Divi is a unique WordPress theme builder which has all the fun functionality that designers love.

Unlike some other WordPress themes, Divi allows designers to create a bespoke, ultra-modern and contemporary website, without having to add lots of different plugins. Divi easily allows me to add in code, which also allows me the freedom to create websites that perfectly suit my clients and their businesses.

In short, Divi is a platform that allows me to combine my graphic design and technical skills to build beautiful and functional websites.

    Louise Maggs, Web and Graphic Designer, UK

    Key benefits of using Divi and WordPress

    (and me designing your website…)

    Cost-effective solution

    Building a brand new WordPress theme can be a costly and time consuming process, so Divi allows me to produce amazing results while saving my customers time and money.

    Unlike some other custom-built websites, there is no need to hire a website developer to handle all the repairs and maintenance. Divi is supported by a helpful team of engineers who are tirelessly working behind the scenes to deliver updates at no extra cost.

    Intuitive design

    Unlike some WordPress themes, there is very little limitation on the design possibilities as Divi is so flexible and adaptable. Divi has an intuitive visual builder that makes the design and build process easier for designers like me, while still allowing me a lot of flexibility to input custom code, for that truly bespoke look and feel.

    Super fast

    Divi has been designed to be super fast, which is a must-have for websites nowadays. With the number of features it has built-in it's surprising that it can offer so much, and yet be so fast. All this coupled with my WordPress hosting service will ensure your website loads quickly on mobile and on desktop devices.

    Web design: what’s covered?

    There is a lot more to designing websites than just choosing some pretty colours and stock images.

    I use industry-leading platforms, including WordPress and Squarespace, to offer custom-built websites packed with features and functionality. The choice of platform depends on you and your business requirements.

    Feel free to book a chat with me, so I can explain the elements that make a winning website design…



    Who is your audience? Who are you trying to attract?



    Of course, the website has to look great and be nice to navigate


    UX & UI

    User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) design considerations



    Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)... So Google can understand your website



    Internal and External hyperlinks which are needed for SEO



    What is your call-to-action (CTA)? Email? click-to-call? Booking links?



    Providing assistance if you need UK GDPR advice for your website



    Picture research (free images for commercial use)



    Addition of HTML / CSS and JavaScript if required



    Setting up any 301 redirects that may be needed



    Assistance in connecting your domain to your website



    Implementation and consideration of accessibility features

    If you choose a WordPress website, I use Divi, a premium builder with lifetime access. I will install plugins for security and to back-up data, and also provide website hosting. For more information on my hosting options, please click here.

    WordPress and Divi FAQs

    What businesses suit a WordPress website?

    WordPress websites can be used for many different businesses and if you choose a premium builder like Divi, you’ll find that you can do so much with it. If you’re stuck deciding whether a WordPress website will suit your needs, it’s really about you, the business owner. If you have more complex website requirements, but no need for a bespoke built back end software, then WordPress will probably work for you. You will need to invest time in learning the software and the best practices for security and plugin updates, although if you make use of my WordPress hosting services, I can sort that for you. I have helped many industries build websites using WordPress and Divi, some of which are:

    • Business & professional services
    • Healthcare
    • Marketing
    • And the website you are on right now! 🙂

    If you’re not sure what will work for you, book a Zoom call with me and I can help you to define and choose the right website builder to suit your needs.

    What if I’m not sure I’ll get on with Divi builder?

    Do you want the best type of WordPress website out there? In my opinion, it will only be a WordPress website that uses Divi builder that can do this for you. Plus, you’ll also need me as your web designer 😉

    Choosing a WordPress website alone does mean that you’ll need to invest more time in keeping it safe and up-to-speed. If you want to take over the management of the website after I’ve built it, then you will need to understand how to use the Divi builder. It is an intuitive builder, so it is pretty straightforward, and you’ll see how easy it is to use once you try it, however, it will take some getting used to. I am happy to help my clients to understand the builder, and WordPress itself, so let me know if you want to have a tour of the system. You can also find information about how you use Divi builder on the Elegant Themes website. Alternatively, with my WordPress hosting packages, I can manage the upkeep of the website on your behalf.

    Can you just help me with my current WordPress website instead?

    I’d be happy to evaluate the website you have already, and give my thoughts on where you can improve your website, however, if you are at a point where your website isn’t working for you, I recommend considering moving over to Divi. This is because the standard of the website you’ll be able to create with Divi will likely exceed what you have at the present moment. Book a chat with me to see how I can help.

    How much do your WordPress websites cost?

    My costs range depending on the project scope. For more information on my prices, click here.

    I can take care of everything you need to create a stunning WordPress website. If you have any more questions or you’d like to find out how I can design a professional website for your business, please click the link below.

    Why you should choose Louise Maggs Design

    Experienced designer icon - Louise Maggs Design

    Experienced Designer

    With a career spanning the media and corporate clients, I know how to make brands look brilliant.

    Professional Service icon - Louise Maggs Design

    Professional Service

    My focus is on delivering an exceptional experience to each and every customer.

    Trusted by clients icon - Louise Maggs Design

    Trusted by Clients

    I really get to understand what you do, so it’s no surprise that much of my work is repeat business.

    Efficient and Friendly icon - Louise Maggs Design

    Efficient & Friendly

    My aim is to deliver great designs within your timescale… and hopefully we can enjoy a giggle or two along the way.

    Pete Francis
    Pete Francis
    As an SME Engineering business, we found it difficult to find a web designer who could relate to what we do as a business as well as having a creative understanding of what our clients would need and want to see on our website to make sense. Louise Maggs is the one. Louise took us through a very orderly process to define what we needed to show and, most importantly, what the client’s journey would feel like. We are fortunate, in that we already had a reasonable amount of content and have a good idea of who our clients are, although Louise’s probing would have found that out through her planning stage anyway. And planning seemed to be the key; not a swift dive into producing coded pages that would have probably dragged on in micro development, but Louise made sure that as much as possible was set out in advance, so that in practice, the actual site development was really quick, right first time and had a wow-factor that even I didn’t expect. For Louise, completion of a site isn’t the end of the road as she is passionate about making sure you look good in your new digital “wardrobe”. Definitely top of my list!
    Jessica Lorimer
    Jessica Lorimer
    Working with Louise is an absolute pleasure! I'd previously had a website designed that was really difficult to use, update and change - and found Louise whilst we were deciding to go through a company rebrand. Louise made the process really smooth and simple; she's really communicative and offers multiple options/ ways to stay in touch. Her work is flawless, quick and she takes real care of your website. Thoroughly recommend!
    Ali Conway
    Ali Conway
    Louise is not only a fabulous website designer, with a great knowledge base - she is genuinely a lovely person to work with, and a true professional.She will listen to your ideas, and ask all the relevant questions in order to gain a true understanding and insight into your business. This is so crucial. Working with Louise, I have gained a much clearer insight into the process, and an understanding of the customer journey through my website. I hadn't appreciated this before, and had come into the process with a creative eye; purely focusing on the aesthetics.Louise has been so patient with my endless questions, and my lack of technical understanding for some of the more complicated aspects that we needed to work through. She has taken design feedback so positively, and the whole working relationship has been easy, and enjoyable. This site was not a simple, straight forward one by any means, and Louise took the time to get it absolutely right; considering all the complex options that I could offer my clients.What we have achieved, is a fabulous balance between the design aesthetic I wanted, and the crucial technical practicalities so that the website will drive sales enquiries and more... I am absolutely thrilled with the end result, and just slightly disappointed that our meetings will now come to an end!
    Team Andrews
    Team Andrews
    We really appreciated the time Louise Maggs Design invested in getting to know our company and our needs before translating that information into our web design. Louise has been incredibly helpful and responsive to our questions, concerns and additional work we added along the way.They did a great job following up to ensure the project was completed to our satisfaction.We highly recommend Louise Maggs Design.
    Matthew Sweet
    Matthew Sweet
    Louise is a true professional who works hard to deliver above and beyond.It was a chance conversation which brought me to work with Louise. And I am grateful that we had the opportunity to do the revision on my business website.I liked the availability of client meetings which brought an openness to discuss ideas without judgement. I also liked the whole process of exploring more fully what it was I expected from the new site. The wireframe is a great tool.There was a time when I started out that I was advised that a website was 'just' a shopwindow. The view from inside my virtual offering on Google is the best digital shop window going.My recommendation is for anyone who needs advise when starting out as a small business, or sole trader to build and host a website. I would also say that if you are a novice with design, Louise will have a service to meet your needs.
    Graham Freeman
    Graham Freeman
    I needed someone to design the website for my new fitness business, so I got in contact with Louise. From the start the way Louise engaged with me and very quickly understood what I was looking for in the way of the colour scheme and design was fantastic.Louise is a great person with such a positive energy and love for what she does and from start to finish of my project she has worked to the highest standards and I am very pleased with the graphic design and website she has produced for me. Not only that but she has also given me fantastic advice and support regarding background support with things like cookie policies, which website builder to use and GDPR.If you are looking for someone to build your website, then look no further.
    Leah Cooke
    Leah Cooke
    Louise designed some wonderful flyers for us, she was so helpful and talked me through things as I’m not very computer literate ! Can’t rate her highly enough thank you 😊
    Kate Dawson
    Kate Dawson
    Louise is a fantastic web and graphic designer! She took our vision and ideas and made them come to life. She is organised and caring which made the process straight forward and time efficient. I would highly recommend Louise and will definitely use her services in the future.
    Anna Rohnbogner
    Anna Rohnbogner
    Louise has been an absolute dream at sorting several important aspects of my business. During Covid, she was super quick at issuing on-brand and creative posters for social distancing, and she completely overhauled our website. Louise was fantastic at communicating throughout the process, taking all our wishes and feedback into account! Highly recommend her and her work!
    Chris Lewry
    Chris Lewry
    I met Louise towards the end of 2020. At the time ‘New Website’ was on my to-do list and had been since the summer. I had every intention of creating my own website – I’d done it previously and had the technical skills to do it again. However, I was procrastinating, always finding other tasks to do and my website remained unchanged.It was during an audit/review of my website with Louise that I had the ‘light-bulb’ moment. While I had the technical skills to create the website – I am by far a design expert! Ideas were flowing from Louise and most of them things I’d not even considered.It was at that point that I made the decision to invest in a new website and work with Louise.Louise was great to work with. She outlined exactly what was going to happen, by whom and when (to meet my deadline) and set to work putting my ideas into a wireframe to review and approve.The whole process took just a matter of weeks and I loved working with Louise. She kept things simple, shared work as we progressed and was quick to make changes or updates.The whole experience opened my eyes to how having fresh eyes and those of a designer on board can really make a different to a website (or any document for that matter). I am delighted with the final website and would highly recommend Louise and use her myself again when the need arises.