Mailerlite Email Marketing for Business Owners

Are you looking to set up an email marketing list, but you want someone who understands the tech to set it up correctly and efficiently enabling you to then take the reins? Well, you’ve come to the right place…

Avoiding the tech overwhelm of email marketing

If you want to send marketing emails to potential clients, you’ll want to set up an email marketing platform and you’ll also need a lead magnet. Luckily, I love to set up email marketing platforms for small business owners.

You may already have your website set up and optimised, and you’re now getting regular visitors to your website. You want a way to capture your audience so that if they are not ready to buy from you yet, you can keep in touch with them via marketing emails, to nurture and grow your business relationship with them. When they are ready to buy, they will know where to find you because you would have been emailing them with useful and relevant information since they signed up for your newsletter.

You’ve realised the importance of creating an email marketing list, but you’ve got no idea where to start, how much it will cost, and what about all that tech!? I can work with you to set up the full email marketing service enabling you to get started straight away.

    Louise Maggs, Web and Graphic Designer, UK
    Louise Maggs, Web and Graphic Designer, UK

    My email marketing service includes:

    Using the Mailerlite Platform: I love the Mailerlite platform for many reasons, one main reason being that they have a generous free plan which is beneficial to new business owners starting their email marketing journey. The paid-for plans are also reasonably priced

    Email Templates: Templates that can be adapted and reused for different messages, designed to your brand identity

    Email Automation: An example is that everyone who signs up for your marketing newsletter will go through a ‘welcome sequence’ automatically, without you needing to do anything

    UK GDPR Compliant: I abide by the UK GDPR law and I ensure best practices when it comes to email marketing, for example, enabling ‘double opt-in’

    Form set up: You’ll need at least two types of forms to get the best from this process; a pop-up form and a form to sit on a specific landing page

    Setting up your landing page: I can create a landing page where your landing page sign-up form will sit

    Connecting your forms with your website: I will connect the forms by putting the necessary code into your website

    Creating your lead magnet: I can help design your lead magnet if you don’t already have one

    Training for your email platform: Once this is all set up for you, I can provide training so you can confidently take the reins

    If you’d like to find out more about this service, contact me here.

      What’s a lead magnet?

      A lead magnet is usually a free item (like a free download) or a money-off incentive (like a 10% discount for your first purchase) that is used in exchange for an email address. Your lead magnet can be anything relevant or beneficial to your desired audience to encourage them to share their email address with you.

      Think about what you can offer your desired audience for free, which can enhance your business offering and your credibility within your industry.

      Using my lead magnet as an example, I offer a free guide called Show up on Google. If you want to sign up to see how it all works, here’s the link to my landing page. I have chosen to offer this guide as it’s proven that clients who go through this process will show up more on Google, even without a website. And if you have a website, it makes this process even stronger, therefore increasing website visits and enquiries.

      If you’re not sure how to set up and design your lead magnet, I can help with this as well.

      Show up on Google free download example

      Benefits of using Mailerlite

      (and me setting up it for you…)

      Free Plan

      Mailerlite offers a free plan for up to 1,000 subscribers meaning it's a great option for business owners wanting to see how their email marketing plan develops before spending money on a platform.


      All email platforms need a certain amount of tech understanding (that's what I'm here for) but the video tutorials and knowledge base that Mailerlite provide are simple and easy to understand.


      As with my website design clients, I aim to help you as much as needed so you are confident taking on your own email marketing. I can arrange Zoom calls and provide Loom video tutorials if needed.

      Find out more about how I can help you set up Mailerlite Email Marketing

      Please note: I am not a Mailerlite Approved Consultant

      Nathalie Delente
      Nathalie Delente
      I found Louise when I was searching online for a web designer who worked with DIVI and Wordpress. From the initial phone call, Louise was really helpful and able to understand what it was I wanted. She did a fantastic job of designing some pages for me, and then went on to make changes to the rest of the pre-existing website. I love what she has done so far, and I highly recommend her. She works quickly, the communication is always open and available. She went above and beyond what I originally asked for by helping with more technical aspects of the website. Thanks Louise!
      Terry Wolfendale
      Terry Wolfendale
      I really enjoyed working with Louise on a website for my new business. It was completed very quickly and I'm really pleased with it. I would not hesitate in recommending Louise to anyone needing a website designed and hosted.
      Kevin Shallish
      Kevin Shallish
      The services was excellent and I couldn't ask for any more. The website design and build and IT support was fantasic. I knew nothing about buliding websites and Louise gave my business excellent support and was thoroughly professional
      Nick Herniman
      Nick Herniman
      Quite simply, working with Louise was the best business decision that I ever made. From the outset I was immediately impressed and all of the artwork that was produced exceeded my wildest expectations, everyone who has seen the designs absolutely loves them and this is all down to Louise. I cannot rate her services highly enough.
      Pete Francis
      Pete Francis
      As an SME Engineering business, we found it difficult to find a web designer who could relate to what we do as a business as well as having a creative understanding of what our clients would need and want to see on our website to make sense. Louise Maggs is the one. Louise took us through a very orderly process to define what we needed to show and, most importantly, what the client’s journey would feel like. We are fortunate, in that we already had a reasonable amount of content and have a good idea of who our clients are, although Louise’s probing would have found that out through her planning stage anyway. And planning seemed to be the key; not a swift dive into producing coded pages that would have probably dragged on in micro development, but Louise made sure that as much as possible was set out in advance, so that in practice, the actual site development was really quick, right first time and had a wow-factor that even I didn’t expect. For Louise, completion of a site isn’t the end of the road as she is passionate about making sure you look good in your new digital “wardrobe”. Definitely top of my list!
      Jessica Lorimer
      Jessica Lorimer
      Working with Louise is an absolute pleasure! I'd previously had a website designed that was really difficult to use, update and change - and found Louise whilst we were deciding to go through a company rebrand. Louise made the process really smooth and simple; she's really communicative and offers multiple options/ ways to stay in touch. Her work is flawless, quick and she takes real care of your website. Thoroughly recommend!
      Ali Conway
      Ali Conway
      Louise is not only a fabulous website designer, with a great knowledge base - she is genuinely a lovely person to work with, and a true professional. She will listen to your ideas, and ask all the relevant questions in order to gain a true understanding and insight into your business. This is so crucial. Working with Louise, I have gained a much clearer insight into the process, and an understanding of the customer journey through my website. I hadn't appreciated this before, and had come into the process with a creative eye; purely focusing on the aesthetics. Louise has been so patient with my endless questions, and my lack of technical understanding for some of the more complicated aspects that we needed to work through. She has taken design feedback so positively, and the whole working relationship has been easy, and enjoyable. This site was not a simple, straight forward one by any means, and Louise took the time to get it absolutely right; considering all the complex options that I could offer my clients. What we have achieved, is a fabulous balance between the design aesthetic I wanted, and the crucial technical practicalities so that the website will drive sales enquiries and more... I am absolutely thrilled with the end result, and just slightly disappointed that our meetings will now come to an end!
      Team Andrews
      Team Andrews
      We really appreciated the time Louise Maggs Design invested in getting to know our company and our needs before translating that information into our web design. Louise has been incredibly helpful and responsive to our questions, concerns and additional work we added along the way. They did a great job following up to ensure the project was completed to our satisfaction. We highly recommend Louise Maggs Design.
      Matthew Sweet
      Matthew Sweet
      Louise is a true professional who works hard to deliver above and beyond. It was a chance conversation which brought me to work with Louise. And I am grateful that we had the opportunity to do the revision on my business website. I liked the availability of client meetings which brought an openness to discuss ideas without judgement. I also liked the whole process of exploring more fully what it was I expected from the new site. The wireframe is a great tool. There was a time when I started out that I was advised that a website was 'just' a shopwindow. The view from inside my virtual offering on Google is the best digital shop window going. My recommendation is for anyone who needs advise when starting out as a small business, or sole trader to build and host a website. I would also say that if you are a novice with design, Louise will have a service to meet your needs.
      Graham Freeman
      Graham Freeman
      I needed someone to design the website for my new fitness business, so I got in contact with Louise. From the start the way Louise engaged with me and very quickly understood what I was looking for in the way of the colour scheme and design was fantastic. Louise is a great person with such a positive energy and love for what she does and from start to finish of my project she has worked to the highest standards and I am very pleased with the graphic design and website she has produced for me. Not only that but she has also given me fantastic advice and support regarding background support with things like cookie policies, which website builder to use and GDPR. If you are looking for someone to build your website, then look no further.