How to choose your website platform

Louise Maggs, Web and Graphic Designer, UK

It can be difficult to understand what website platform is the best for your business, as there are so many options. Here are my words of advice…


Things to consider would be: does the platform have a good reputation? Are there a lot of web developers and designers trained to use that platform? Is it a platform that is designed to be used for what you want it to be used for? Are you looking for a platform that you can easily build yourself? How will you maintain your platform?

I can help with WordPress and Squarespace websites which I find are really strong options for my clients. Please feel free to book a chat with me if you’d like advice on any platform though – I’d love to help.


A CMS stands for Content Management System and this is a platform that allows you the ability to build a website. It has the structure set up for you to start to build your website, without the need to write lots of code. WordPress is a good example of a CMS.


WordPress is an open-source CMS which means the code is available for anyone. This means that you can get some great development add-ons, which is why there are so many plugins to build out your website as you like. WordPress has been set up so you don’t need to be a developer to build your website, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to just jump in and build a site

Website security needs to be carefully considered because you always have the risk that your website could be hacked. Setting up your website correctly is important, and also keeping your site updated with security and plugin updates is very important.

I think of WordPress like a house, but only the brickwork is built for you. You will need to buy the windows and doors, and locks for the doors and alarm system, plus you need to get the heating, plumbing and electricity sorted before you can even start thinking about how each room is going to look.


A SaaS is a Software as a Service platform. This platform is already set up so you can build your website using it. Squarespace is an example of a SaaS. You don’t need to worry about the technical details of hosting the website on a server, but you may pay more for this service than if you were to host the website yourself.


Squarespace is closed-sourced which means the source code can’t be modified or deleted. This means that you have less flexibility with the platform but doesn’t limit the use of html & CSS to change the individual style on the front-end of the website. This means that you can still personalise your website however you like.

Security still needs to be considered, as with anything these days. It is easier to set up a Squarespace website, but there is still a correct way to do it, and there is still a learning curve. It’s generally easier to maintain though, once you’ve got it set up correctly.

I think of Squarespace like a house, with the main things ready for you to move straight in. The windows and doors, locks, alarm system, heating, plumbing and electricity are sorted. All you really need to do is move in your furniture and decide on the look and feel of each room.


That totally depends on you as a person and your business. Do you want to spend time setting up a WordPress website, or would you prefer to get started quickly with a Squarespace one? Do you have time to understand what you need to do to maintain your website? Are you technically minded or not good with technology? It’s a good idea to watch videos on both of the platforms to get more of an idea about them and what would suit you and your business.

If you’d like to find out more about how I can build your website using WordPress or Squarespace, or if you have any further questions, contact me here.